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ORIUM (Game Utility Token) is a decentralized and fair Ethereum-based online mobile (P2P) game and supported by community member. Users have the option of playing on their own or versus other players instead of against a centralized game house. To place a bet, there must be game room to join or can be banker to open game room. The player can adjust the amount to bet or choose the game room suitable for everyone involved. There can be both a public or a private game room.

          The private game room is designed for those who want to play each other who are either close friends, business associates, relatives, or family members. The ORIUM ecosystem mobile game purely depends on random number generation, giving players an entirely fair playing experience. The design of the application, with the feature of random number generation offers an entertaining, enjoyable, fairness and potentially lucrative gaming experience. We will soon upgrade to Dapp game.

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What Is Ethereum?

Ethereum is a distributed public blockchain network and open software platform based on blockchain technology. The benefits of the Ethereum decentralized platform are that decentralized applications run on the blockchain. Users gain benefit from all of its properties. A third party cannot make any changes to data, so it cannot be altered. Ethereum is corruption & tamper proof because apps are based on a network which is formed around the principle of consensus. And no censorship. With no central point of failure & secured using cryptography, applications are well protected against hacking attacks & fraud. All apps produced on the blockchain can never go down or be switched off.

ORIUM Cryptocurrency And Usability

(1) ORIUM will introduce cryptocurrency ecosystems as an online mobile game, exchange diamonds for playing the game, and competitive tournaments as well. Now in BETA version.

(2) ORIUM will become internal circulation for the ecosystem. They will be exchanged for other cryptos, such as Etherc Decentralized Marketplace and other exchanges will be coming soon.

(3) ORIUM direction is focused on a roadmap that fulfills the project is goals.

(4) To listing in famous crypto exchange and coinmarketcap.

(5) ORIUM will be continually upgrading new games and services that always benefits game users and token holders.

(6) Provides mobile payments for merchants around the world (Road Map)

(7) Staking in the pool will get extra income of ORIUM Token percentage.

(8) The affiliate marketing program can benefits for marketers.

(9) Pool staking starts from 50.ORM to 10000.ORM. (Described in Terms and Conditions)



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